Category: Nutrition all starts with a SCOBY

Thanks to my friend Helen Helena Cooper Personal Trainer who kindly gifted me a SCOBY I am now enjoying the benefits of brewing my own Kombucha. The SCOBY may not look too appetizing but is actually pretty amazing and continues to grow so  I have even managed to brew a second batch with a new SCOBY.

Benefits kombucha)

This is my SCOBY


So what is Kombucha





Kombucha is a naturally fermented sweet tea based drink. It is brewed from a mixture of tea & sugar and a SCOBY  ( Symbiotic Culture of bacteria & yeast). I used a mixture of black & green tea to make mine.

During brewing the SCOBY feasts on the tea & sugar converting it into health giving acids such as glucuronic, lactic & acetic creating an effervescent, low sugar & low caffeine drink.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved digestion- full of probiotic bacteria & yeast to aid digestion
  • Supports the Immune system- contains antioxidants
  • Reduced joint pain- rich in glucosamines
  • Increased energy- contains B vitamins
  • Detoxification- from enzymes

I usually train early mornings so I have been having a small glass first thing in the morning before training and another later in the day.