Don’t resent growing old…………………….. it is a privilege denied to many.

dont resent growing old

Unfortunately exercise & movement usually decreases as people age and the choice of the comfy couch over exercise is increasing the risk of disease & loss of independence. Retirement is not a green light to sit back & let vitality & life pass on by. Make a choice & choose the prescription of physical activity over medication.

Yes, we are part of that growing “aging population” but it is never too late for anyone to start and I congratulate all that have made a decision to join my classes and are consistently working towards improving their quality of life by taking control of their fitness & health.

The photo above is some inspiration from our class with the pressing overhead movement.

This is just one of the strength exercises we do on a regular basis that can help improve on their ability to manage everyday living tasks & activities. As we age we need to keep moving but we also need to include resistance training into our exercise routine.

Weighted work = more muscle

  • Improves & maintains muscle mass
  • Improves & maintains positive metabolic rate
  • Improves posture & gait
  • Improves & maintains muscle tone

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