Fitness for Living


Everyone has a different reason for exercising and if we believed in what we see, hear or read we could wrongly assume that it’s all about starting a 1 ,2 ,6 or even 12 week challenge that will have you burning calories to find that elusive weight loss fix that is going to change your life!!

I’m sure that a headline such as “Fitness for Bone Health” isn’t nearly as appealing as “12 week challenge for your new year bikini body”.

I’m happy to see a shift away from fitness just for the younger body image, and put the spotlight on where it really matters – that is, health & fitness to live your life, for your entire life!

It really is about being healthy & having the strength to fully live your best life no matter what your age or starting point.

So here is a real challenge for you…make a decision now & start moving!!

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