The Weight Loss Game


Time to stop playing the weight loss game!

Weight loss is NOT a game & it’s NOT OK to eat whatever you want & expect to burn it off at your next exercise class!!

The Weight loss industry is BIG business & unfortunately a lot of weight loss programs are just focused on calories.

  • We eat less =     reduce calories IN
  • We exercise more = increase calories OUT.

NO…….. Our life & our health is so much more than just an equation!

A recent newspaper article about the typical gym classes & how many calories you can expect to burn really annoyed me. I know headlines sell newspapers, but this is just saying to people that it’s OK to go & eat whatever you want because you can just go to a gym class & burn it off.

Now, don’t get me wrong- calories do form part of the equation, but all calories are not the same & looking at weight loss as to how many calories you can burn in a single exercise session is just wrong!

Hey, here’s the difference. I have counted calories in an exercise session before too, but when I count calories it is not because I need to know how much chocolate I can eat, it’s because my workout calls for it. Example, as part of my workout I might have to row for 50 calories. That calorie count is there for me to move those calories to the mark as quickly & efficiently as possible and I can tell you, not at anytime during that session am I thinking about weight loss let alone how much chocolate I can eat!

It will just not work if your focus alone is on counting calories. What you need to be focusing on is the nutrients that you are feeding your body, the quantity & quality of protein, carbohydrates & healthy fat. Just keep in mind that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to prescribing a ‘diet’ particularly for women 40- 50 plus. You may even be eating well & exercising but there are a couple of other factors you need to consider. One is your hormone balance because this can influence your body to store fat along with inflammation caused by food sensitivities. Just remember, everyone is different so what could be working for one may not work for you.

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