Are you still playing the weightloss game with your scales?

Toby scales

This is Toby. He thinks scales are pretty good for sleeping on!



It’s that time of the year again where we are constantly being overloaded with so many diet, weightloss & fitness programs. They all claim to be the answer to all your New Year resolutions, some in as little as 1 week or maybe they will even stretch it out for up to 12 weeks.

So what does DIET mean to you?

To most people it means losing weight & cutting calories, one way or another. Well that’s what most weight loss programs try to sell you. Unfortunately most of these quick fix diet secret solutions are just that-a quick fix- which means quick results but NOT long term success.

The common thread is that it can be very confusing, but the truth is that everybody is different, & there really is no “one size fits all” program.

Diet & weight loss is a huge marketing business as everyone is looking for that SECRET fat loss solution. Maybe they just want to look like the bikini body promoting the program! If people are after the secret to weight loss with a quick fix solution they are seriously missing the mark!

If you think you need to lose weight, firstly you need to stop for a minute & take a good look at yourself….why do you want or need to lose weight? Is it because of a known health issue, you don’t like feeling the way you do, or do you just want to look good in a bikini, maybe you want to fit into your clothes better or to be fitter so you can keep up with your children or grandchildren.

It’s your choice & whatever your reason, losing weight is usually about the number on the scales. If the number comes down your happy because you have lost weight.

Forget about focusing on the scale weight. There are too many other issues to consider besides that number. Yes you may have initially lost some weight due to restricting calories but is this the way you want to eat for the rest of your life? It just means that your life revolves around what you can & can’t eat & what the scales are telling you. Unfortunately this is just setting you up for failure again.

What if there was a better way to burn fat. What if you actually stopped thinking about the ‘diet’ and started to look at the bigger picture which includes building a healthier body that will stay with you into the future.

There are a few pieces to this puzzle but the first step is to stop letting the scales control your life!

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