Exercise can be fun!

Donna Helen

My name is Donna & I am a Personal Trainer & Health coach based on the Gold Coast Australia. I started Design Fit50 to inspire other 50+ women to live their best life through sharing my own experience & knowledge with health, fitness & lifestyle. Sometimes it’s just seems easier to travel down the path that we know, even though we may not particularly like it. It is a choice & you can either stay where you are or step up & make a change. Just remember you don’t have to do it on your own. Whoever or wherever you are right now, life might seem all too hard, but just stop & think about how hard your future life will be without your health!

I am 59 years old and have turned my life around by making a huge career change. I have gone from a long term career in the finance industry to follow my passion of health & fitness. I am now helping 50+ women grow not only stronger  with age, but with better health through my strength & fitness classes. This is the best decision I have ever made. Many ask me why would I do this at my ‘age’?

Through my own experience I found the personal training industry  was really lacking in looking after the 50+ woman. There were plenty of classes around for’ gentle exercise’ for the over 50’s, but really, many of today’s 50+ women would not want to attend a class labelled as ‘gentle exercise’. Also I found that many women hated the thought of actually going to a globo gym where there were lots of young people and the trainers didn’t understand the training needs of 50+ women or menopause. Others thought they were too out of shape or even too old to start a new exercise program. Generally I’m finding that these days women are  quite active & they are actually looking for more than the basic gym class that will just take them through the motions of exercise.

Being surrounded by like minded women & being able to exercise in a comfortable safe environment is another benefit they enjoy. Lastly, we all manage to have some fun. Exercise isn’t always just about hard work!


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