Design Fitness & Health

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Design Fitness & Health is a specialty  personal training business catering for older adults. Every person is different & each one will have different reasons for wanting to improve their health, body and the way they feel & live their life.

Through our speciality fitness & wellness programs our aim is for you to be healthy, strong & able to live the best life you can. People train with us for many different reasons. Some say they were not getting the results they wanted from their current training, or they didn’t like going to a gym where there were lots of young people or the younger trainers didn’t understand that a woman going through menopause may have different training needs than someone in their 20’s or 30’s.

My business evolved from my passion for all things health & fitness. For me, being healthy & fit is just a part of my life but over the last few years I realised that many that have reached 50+ were struggling with their health & fitness & exercise was just not on their priority list.

We all age, we can’t get away from that fact, but how you age and how you live your life, that is something you can control. Starting a new fitness program might sound hard now, but living without your health as you age- now that is hard!

Just remember, it’s never too late to start. We are based at Burleigh on the Gold Coast and Kingscliff in Northern NSW and I can also provide an online program that you can work through for those that don’t live nearby.

I would love for you to come and join our small group sessions where you can exercise in a safe comfortable environment with other like minded people. If you prefer you can start on some one to one sessions before joining the group sessions.